Special Autumn 6 Hour Kirtan – will you be there?

September 30, 2012 - 2 minutes read

This month we’ll be hosting our first special 6 Hour Kirtan in London. Though it’s held on a smaller scale each month, we wanted to have a bigger one to enable more people to attend, especially those new to this form of mantra meditation.

‘But wait!’, we hear you cry, ‘why 6 hours?’


Well, apart from the fact that it’s Bert’s favourite number, there is a much more spiritual reason why we chose it. The answer can be found at the essence of kirtan culture.

Mantra meditation connects us with the personal form of the Divine and when we sing we deepen and strengthen this relationship, just like building up a muscle.

The idea is that the more you do it, the more you can be continuously aware of that relationship, helping you to be connected to a source of the deepest love and simultaneously balanced despite the constant ups and downs of everyday life.

In many parts of the world, people hold 24 hour kirtans as a special opportunity to dive into the practice over an entire day and night. A full day would be 12 hours, and half of that is 6! Normally it is quite a challenge to focus on anything for that long, but it is a common experience to find oneself losing track of time in kirtan – when mantra, melody, rhythm and deep intention combine, the hours pass like minutes. Try it and see.

The 6 hours will include kirtans from some of London’s well known kirtan leaders, as well as some you will discover for the first time. We’ll also use poetry, storytelling and guided meditation in between kirtan sessions to help guide you deeper into the experience. Oh, and not forgetting a delicious vegan dinner between 6-8pm. If you’re a kirtan regular, why not bring a friend who has never tried it before?

Book online for a small donation of £6 (yes, we like 6), or come along anyway for £10 on the door. We look forward to seeing you there.

Get to know our kirtan leaders this month: 6 Hour Kirtan Singers



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