I want to perform at your events, how can I do that?

Leading kirtan at our events is by invitation. We have a large pool of people that we invite to lead kirtan at our events, and offer the opportunity as much as possible to those who are long term practitioners of bhakti yoga. If you would like to sing at one of our events, you are welcome to speak in person to one of our team, or email us at [email protected]

Do the kirtan leaders/musicians get paid to play at your events?

No. Everyone involved is a volunteer and does their part as a service. Where necessary we cover travel expenses if someone is coming from a long way.  

Can I bring my children to a Mantra Event?

You can. Kirtan is for everyone and children love it, so do bring them along. However we do ask that you keep them with you at all times, as our team cannot take responsibility for them. Kirtan can be both quiet and meditative, as well as loud and lively – if your child is very restless or noisy in quieter moments, we kindly ask that you be considerate of the other guests and take them outside for a time.

Can I bring instruments to your event and play along?

We’d love you to. Depending what you play, it might be wise to double check with us over email first. If it’s a triangle or a tambourine, go right ahead – no permission required. If you play louder instruments like guitar or brass, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Do I need to pre-book or can I just show up?

For all of our events you can just show up on the day — however for some, like the 6HK, booking in advance online means a cheaper entry fee. For others, like a Special Mantra Lounge, space is limited, so booking in advance is wise to avoid disappointment. We also like it when you book in advance as we can make sure to cook enough yummies to go around.

Can I invite you to do a kirtan at my house?

Yes. Our ‘Kirtan on Call’ program is an endeavour to facilitate your requests for kirtan at home, or even in your yoga studio, business or school. We are not able to respond to every request at present, but we do our best! Please email Deenal at [email protected] for further info.