A-Z of Kirtan: B is for Bond

November 21, 2012 - 1 minute read

No, nothing to do with Daniel Craig, though kirtan is definitely more shaken than stirred. This kind of bond is about relationship and genuine connection. A mantra is much more than just a potent sound, it is a personal address, a call for help, a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

To go deeply into the practice of kirtan it is important to understand that the call and response is not just between the leader and the rest of the group. The deeper response comes sometimes very subtly, sometimes very obviously from the from the one we address when we sing.

It is said that this Divine person is present within every heart as the inner guide and dearest friend and can be perceived by regular practice. This is because the words of a mantra don’t just describe the person, they are non different from that person.

Regular names, like Boris Johnson, don’t invoke the presence of that person (for better or worse!), but the names of the Divine are exactly the opposite. If sung with deep feeling, the experience is unlike that of any other exchange.

Depending on our level of investment, kirtan can be infinitely more rewarding than a meaningful exchange with a lifelong friend, or as shallow as water cooler chit chat. Like any relationship, if given quality time, attention and care, a genuine bond will form. Are you satisfied with anything less?

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